Welcome to Rogue Entertainment

Welcome to a world of glamour! Rogue Entertainment is the leading producer and publisher of adult entertainment in Rogue Isles. A city built on pillars of vice and villainy would not be complete without lust. With our carefully-selected, exotic models, our experienced and creative producers, and our never-ending passion and respect for the art of sex, we promise you the best in adult entertainment.

Explore the World of Glamour

In Rogue Entertainment, we turn fantasies into reality. Every day, we are on a quest to expand our horizons. This quest begins at the very heart of Rogue Isles, where all of our precious, talented employees come from. Do you think you have what it takes to join us? Do you think you are ready for a wild adventure? Do you think you are ready to explore a world of glamour? Then join us! Employment at Rogue Entertainment has never been easier!

When we say we can turn fantasies into reality, we mean it. Do you want to go wild and set the exhibitionist inside of you free? Are you curious to experience what it feels like to turn glamour into art? Do you want to spend your work days serving specialty drinks to some of the most beautiful and talented women on Earth? Do you want to smash the skull of anyone who tries to tresspass into our exclusive penthouse? You dream it, we will provide it!

Just register on the website, and submit your application form! Your wildest fantasies are only a few clicks away!

Still wondering what Rogue Entertainment is all about?

Rogue Entertainment is a Roleplaying Villain Group in the game City of Heroes/Villains, on the Virtue Server. The theme of the group, as evident from the website, is centered around an adult entertainment company that is located within Rogue Isles. Due to the concept and nature of the group, it should be obvious that we allow nearly unrestricted roleplaying (including erotic contexts). It must be noted, that while we do allow such themes and topics within our group, we are not limited to them. We encourage a wide variety of roleplaying topics that would interest everyone. The nature of the group allows us to provide a very flexible, fun, and dynamic roleplaying experience for all of our members.

As a result, you must be 18 years of age or older, should you wish to apply to our villain group. Just follow the above links, read the instructions, and submit your character's profile.

If you're still curious about Rogue Entertainment, feel free to browse through our website for more information. You can also contact our leaders within the game, using their Global Handles: @Reikou, and @Shamise