Hey everyone.  I making this post entirely Out of Character, not bothering with () like we normally do on these announcements.

I just got home from work and heard the news in regards to City of Heroes sunset.  It's been a really good time with all of you, and I will be maintaining the website for a minimum of six months after City of Heroes servers officially shuts down.  We have created a thread so that we can share out of game contact information.  At this time, I have no plans to revive Rogue Entertainment in a different game.  I don't agree with the policies of the new owners of Champions Online and Star Trek Online.  There is DCUO but I don't feel the game engine and background really supports what Rogue Entertainment is, and the only other "Modern" MMO is The Secret World, but that's a subscription based game, and I'm not about to ask people to hop over to it.


With that said, this link has been brought to my attention by Zartemis.


I don't anything will change at all with it, but I felt like putting it in here for completeness.  For those that are wanting to get out of game contact information shared between each other, you can go here.



Now that I have this article posted to the site, I am updating the in-game MOTD to direct to here as a tinyurl.


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