City of Heroes - Sunset

Hey everyone.  I making this post entirely Out of Character, not bothering with () like we normally do on these announcements.

I just got home from work and heard the news in regards to City of Heroes sunset.  It's been a really good time with all of you, and I will be maintaining the website for a minimum of six months after City of Heroes servers officially shuts down.  We have created a thread so that we can share out of game contact information.  At this time, I have no plans to revive Rogue Entertainment in a different game.  I don't agree with the policies of the new owners of Champions Online and Star Trek Online.  There is DCUO but I don't feel the game engine and background really supports what Rogue Entertainment is, and the only other "Modern" MMO is The Secret World, but that's a subscription based game, and I'm not about to ask people to hop over to it.


With that said, this link has been brought to my attention by Zartemis.

I don't anything will change at all with it, but I felt like putting it in here for completeness.  For those that are wanting to get out of game contact information shared between each other, you can go here.


Now that I have this article posted to the site, I am updating the in-game MOTD to direct to here as a tinyurl.



Website Downtime

Hey everyone, want to apologize for the downtime of the website.  I hope that you all didn't think I had not paid the host or shut it down.  What happened is our website had a "compromise" in the form of a Trojan, while I do not think it got to anyone I am still recommended everyone run a full virus-scan.  Our host was pretty quick on suspended us, the problem afterwards was in getting the website restored without dataloss.  I got things working again for the time being though, success!


Rogue's Sexy Spring Bash 2011

Hello, boys and girls!

Rogue Entertainment is proud to announce an upcoming party for everyone to enjoy! The weather is getting warm, and we know that a lot of you are eager to slip into your sexiest bathing suit and head to the beach. So why wait?

Come celebrate spring with the rest of the sexy, fun, and loving Rogue Entertainment staff right in the Rogue Mansion! Make sure to bring your best swimsuit and lots and lots of lotion!

The party will be held at the backyard of the Rogue Mansion. Food and drinks will be available. The party takes place on Saturday April 23rd, 2011!

What: Rogue's Sexy Spring Bash 2011
When: Saturday April 23rd, 2011 (9:00 PM EST)
Where: The Rogue Mansion

If you have any questions or comments just drop a message below, or see me personally!

With love,

Araxia XOXO


Rogue Entertainment's Fourth Anniversary

The Spokesmodels and Directors would like to invite all employees and their friends to the Rogue Entertainment 4th Anniversary Party on January 28th, 2011 at 8 pm Central.

The Party will be Black Tie so Gentlemen bring out your best suits and ladies those elegant dresses.

One features of the evening will be that Any RE employee in attendance has the chance to win an intimate evening, with our own Peri Laetitia Salax, an exquisite fashion model.

There will be everything you can expect to come from an RE party. Invite your coalition friends if you like but only Employees will be up to win Peri.

I hope to see you all there.
Myst Morgaine.

P.S. Here's the cake I'm making.


2010 Halloween Party

Saturday October 23rd, Rogue Entertainment will be hosting a Halloween Party begining at 8 pm, Central time. We will be doing a small event during the party and that is a Costume Date Matchmaking.

Anyone who would like to be involved in the CDM will need to send me a Personal Message on the website, containing their name (character name) and what Costume they will be wearing. I'll figure out who will be paired with who, and then let everyone know, so they can find their mysterious date at the party. We will also have Costume Contests during the Party. The Categories are Comedic, Scariest, Sexiest and Classic Halloween. 1st and 2nd place will be chosen from each group and then a best of Show will be decided upon.

Myst Morgaine, Spokesmodel Chief of Staff.


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