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  • ID
  • Date
  • Smackdown Girl
  • Kari Simmons
  • Kira
  • 27
  • Strength, resilience and agility all far beyond human norms, though none by enough to be considered properly 'super' in its own right. The original Kari also has a limited energy projection ability which she could be assumed to have as well, once she becomes strong enough to use it.
  • Kari Simmons grew up a normal girl in Paragon City, going to school and getting slightly above average grades as normal people do, and similarly going to college afterwards for a degree in Biochemistry.

    Hired straight out of college by Crey, she worked as a research assistant in one of their labs for a few years before the accident that would change her life forever, for the better if you were to ask her. What happened, was a containment tank burst while she was near it, covering her in who knows what - she still doesn't know exactly what was in it, but it changed her. Not immediately, she was fine long enough for Crey to send her home with her employment terminated but a sizable compensation payment to ensure she didn't talk.

    Soon after she noticed herself changing. Not only was she capable of far more physically than she ever was before, but her appearance changed as if to match. Far from the only moderately passable little nerd girl she'd been, she found herself becoming rather exceptionally attractive. So, naturally, she became a superhero.

    Though she'd lost her job after the accident, she still practiced her science but more as a hobby. It was this that led her to be working on the experiment that, despite not being its intended purpose, ultimately created the clone now calling herself Kira. Having met someone in the D who'd heard of her, how she still doesn't know, she was talked into working on a pill to give the girl in question a penis.

    Unfortunately, while waiting for it to be ready she gave into boredom and headed to the D, where she found and became involved with several people for long enough that when she finally got back there was no time to prevent the ensuing accident, the overdone materials along with the additional supplies stored on a nearby shelf all going up in what she presumes was an explosion - she's still not quite sure.

    Regardless, when she came to she found herself face to face with... herself. Neither of them is quite sure how it happened, but this newer accident seems to have cloned her. Neither of them reacted particularly well, the original simply staring in something resembling shock as the clone bolted, finding her way all the way to the Rogue Isles before calming down enough to realise she probably shouldn't have run away.

    Be that as it may, however, she has decided to stay in the Isles for now. Paragon doesn't need two of her, and there's so much fun she could have here. Especially with her new-found endowments, the project her original self was working on having had it's intended effect on an unintended recipient, leaving the clone (Now calling herself 'Kira' to distinguish her from the original) with some extra equipment.

    Lacking any place to stay and any way of making money short of the illegal stuff, when she saw flyer advertising Rogue Entertainment she almost couldn't say no.
  • Positions of Interest
    Modeling, Acting, Security
  • Previous experience in a similar business would make her good for modelling, acting or both while her powers, if they can really be called such would make her an easy candidate to work security. Though personally she would prefer the former to the latter.
  • Kari may once have been an average little nerd girl but she was never shy. In fact, while studying for her degree she worked part-time at a strip club in Paragon as a means to pay the bills, and actually thoroughly enjoyed it even though she wasn't much to look at back then.

    Additionally, she was left infertile after the first accident, a trait that probably contributed to her lack of inhibitions and retained by the clone. Thus, she can (and will) do anything with almost anyone, and no inadvertent consequences will come from it.
  • At the moment, not that much really. She's looking for somewhere to live and work, and to have fun while doing it.
  • Sample Photo from Portfolio
  • Though she's a recently made clone, she is a physical copy and has all the memories of the original. Thus she really is as old as she says she is, both physically and mentally.
  • Status
    On Contract
  • User