Strip Club

Araxia: Can you imagine what the adult industry would be like without pretty girls going up and down the poles and showing off their bodies to anyone with a taste for a striptease and a pocket full of cash? Of course not! In Rogue Entertainment, we are dedicated to the art of sex and everything about it. Not only is it a source of relaxation and fun for our staff after long days of work, but the Strip Club is also a place for our stars to let loose and just do what they do best: Making men and women alike drool from arousal...and maybe getting a few tips on the side too. But shhh!

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Indoor Pool and Spa

Emily: Everyone needs to take time to cool off during their busy lives. Nothing cures being hot and bothered like a nice swim around the pool. Need to feel warm and tingly? Then soak yourself in our lovely hot tub with plenty of room for you, friends or any guests. Even find the treatment a star deserves in the sauna. We also have an assortment of oils and lotions for any mood. This area is perfect for anyone’s idea of relaxing after a long, hard and sweaty… day of work in front of the cameras. The only rules are: No running, keep the splashing to a minimum and swimsuits are optional.

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Studio Sets

Taylor: The Studio, the heart and soul of where hot fantasies and wild dreams are brought to life. It is here where your favorite stars succumb to the arts and dreams of their writers and directors, becoming both muse and insterment of our viewer's lustful fantasies. Here at Rogue Entertainment, we are dedicated to the wild art of sex and everything surrounding it! Here in the both studios, the dreams and fantasies combine with the dedication and skill of our production teams and our lovey talent to produce some of the finest adult material ever brought to the screen. Appealing to men, women and those of transgenders, every limit is suprassed here, every dream turned wild and hot as it is brought to life. Many a production has grown out of control here as both talent and production often lose themselves to their work and indulge themselves beyond what is often seen on camera....but that is another story. -purrs- Not everything wild makes it to the camera here -giggles a soft tease-

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Dungeon Bar

Domenica: Have a dark side? Perhaps you enjoy a bit of bondage... taking some lovely thing, strapping her to a bed, and having your way with her. Maybe you like to dish out punishment... using whips, lashes, nipple clamps, anything... because you know your naughty, naughty pet enjoys pain even more than you like to inflict it.

Or maybe... just maybe... you enjoy having all those things done to you.

Whatever the case, Rogue has a section set aside just for you. Bondage beds, stone tables, a cage, and more, all for your delicious pain-and-pleasure, whatever your kink. And the room practically drips with that all-important dungeon atmosphere, with decor and torchlight to get you and your slaves (or Mistresses, as the case may be) in the proper mood.

So, come to the Dungeon Bar, if you dare... we'll be waiting...

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Main Lounge

Peri: Beyond all room in this den of lustful dream and fantasy you will 'always' find yourself in the Main Lounge before any other location. For it is the hub of Rogue Entertainment's Mansion, all roads lead to this location, thus all roads must lead out towards every pleasure and desire your can imagine. Quaint little rooms for you to become fond with your partner, or partners. A club to liberate a pocketful of cash to one of many dancers. Perhaps your intentions in Rogue are more devious? Do you wish your time spent in punishment or punishing in our basement dungeon? Or are your intentions much more simple, perhaps it is your belly that controls your mind. Enjoy the bistro, enjoy the company of beautiful Rogues, staff and talent alike as you eat.

So weary traveler...which will you choose? How may we turn your fantasies into reality? Pick your direction in this gallery of glamorous, erotic art.

Perhaps though, you choose to stay in our lounge and go no further? Then, ease your mind in the this exotic and seductive atmosphere. The fire place burns a low light setting smooth sensual tones of romance painted across the stone walls and deep red carpet. Relax your body next to the fires warmth or TV's entertainment, watch as all manner of being with all manner of naughty intentions pass through. Say hello, wave, and watch as they choose their path. Or sit with them and discuss your never-ending passion and respect for the art of sex.

So weary traveler...where will you go from here?

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Medical Bay

Dr. Beatrice Blood: Good evening, my dear, welcome to our hospice. We will take good care of you here. Whether you got hurt from the rough life we lead on the Isles, or you simply stubbed your toe, we have everything you could need to feel whole and healthy again. Our little spot has enough space, come in and get comfortable. Want us to check that little headache? Or maybe you want to learn how to keep your body as beautiful and young as you’ve managed to keep it… we will help you with anything.

So what do you say dear? Are you feeling hot, something bothering you? Do you need someone to relieve that… aching itch? Come in, do come in, and let our staff take good care of you. If need be… we will stay up… All, night, long…

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Myst: The Bistro is a wonderful cafe for the RE employees and their friends to get a good meal with a relaxing atmosphere. The head Chef, RE Spokesmodel Myst Morgaine keeps the menu diverse, dishes from around the world can be found in this location. One of the few in the Isles, that can satisfy a variety of Nationalities and Rogue's ever so "delectable" appetites. It is becoming a very active place for Parties as well as employees to simply hang out and enjoy a relaxing afternoon or Evening. Open 24 hours a day, whether one of the workers is there or not, Employees are always welcome to check the fridge for prepared meals that only need warming.

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